Steps to configure SensusAccess LTI tool

  1. Register an account with SensusAccess LTI. Register

  2. Contact Sensus in order to get your LTI access credentials. In order to process your request please make sure to specify in your email/call/letter the following:

    • A mention that you are requesting a SensusAccess LTI account
    • Organization name (School/University)
    • Full name of contact person responsible for the SensusAccess LTI account
    • The desired email address associated with the SensusAccess LTI account

  3. Depending on your LMS follow the respective guide. This guide will enable the LTI tool to access course files in order to be converted with SensusAccess. Read more about the access rights required for SensusAccess LTI.

    At the end of the guide you should have an API token.

  4. Go to your SensusAccess LTI account, click on the desired Associated LTI account. Screenshot showing where to click for the associated lti account
  5. If you are attaching the LTI account for Moodle LMS, just insert API Token for that field only. If you are attaching non Moodle, for example Canvas, you have to input Client Id and Client Secret that you received in step 3. Screenshot showing where to click to instert an API token
  6. Insert the API token for Moodle or Client Id and Secret key for Canvas and then click Save. Screenshot showing where to insert the API token
  7. Remaining in the LTI account page, you will see the Consumer Key, Shared Secret and the link to the cartrige.xml for the LTI tool. Screenshot showing where to find the consumer key, shared secret and cartrige xml
    Use these in order to link your LMS system to the SensusAccess LTI Tool.

    Depending on your LMS follow the respective guide. This guide will enable you to embed the SensusAccess form inside any course within your LTI.

  8. Once done you will be able to add the LTI Tool to any course and the SensusAccess form will appear.

    The form will load automatically when clicking on the embedded link inside any course, as in the Demo. It should also be able to list all files within the course and the conversion results will be available either for direct download or sent to the email address of the logged in user.

    If instead of the SensusAccess form you are pressented with the SensusAccess LTI home page. Please check again that all the necessary configurations have been done correctly and that you have added the correct API token inside your SensusAccess LTI account.

Note: Now, after logging into the SensusAccess LTI page the Associated LTI account you have just finished setting up will appear in green. Screenshot showing that the associated lti account is set up correctly

Note: If you experience problems with any of the above steps, please contact us via the contact options on